Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What are you hiding?

I recently did an inventory of my refrigerator, in an attempt to clear space or consolidate jars. There are members of the family who sincerely believe to leave a container of cream cheese, or sour cream or mayonnaise, with nothing but a quarter of a teaspoon of its original contents, is an act of kindness towards a hungry fellow family member. I disagree.

There are, of course, the odd ingredients, that jar of cornichons someone insisted on buying; the sweet pickled onions for someone else's Gibsons, the glass jars of home-rendered animal fat (I'm sure that sounds disgusting to those who don't do it, let's, however, move on). And then there are the ingredients that I really don't want in the refrigerator at all, but by some kind of family devotion I don't throw them out. Like, ajvar. There, I said it. An eastern European concoction of red peppers and perhaps some tomatoes and a dash of spice. Bleck. In fact, I resent its mere presence.

What's hiding in your fridge? And, no, I don't mean the containers turning putrid colors with the seasons. What have you secreted away, comestibly speaking, that is? Don't tell anyone, but I have a serving of chocolate pudding, cunningly hidden behind the container of basil.


  1. Kale. But it's only hidden because my children keep hiding it.

  2. CO: You are SO keeping me on my toes--
    M: I meant to write a hidden container of FLAN.

  3. Restless Dez: Well, you're the chef & I'm one of your eaters. (Bring some brownies 2 de picnic!)
    Oh, how's the cooking of the coffee compared to the brewed?
    Keep up your great work.

  4. A bag of oranges from the tree. I like to eat them very cold. Uhm, of the bleck stuff, a turkey cooked a couple of days ago that didn't turn out so good. I think I'll have to toss it.

  5. I had some old chicken and barley soup. I made it myself. It was good once. I made too much, froze some, thawed it. But barley doesn't keep well. It continues to absorb and absorb and ABSORB.

    How long do you suppose chocolate chips can stay in the fridge and still be good for cookies?

  6. AH-Lucky you with the oranges!
    P:Chocolate chips last forever, really, even if they seem scuffed with gray. Once they're baked you won't even notice.