Monday, March 16, 2009

Comfort Foods

All right, I will now admit to a sense of malaise and uneasiness. I have been in denial, covering my ears and singing tra la la, turning off the radio, the internet, the tv, but some how the news has wormed its way in. From local, state, national to the world, we're, um, skewered.

There are sites that can tell you how to plant your victory garden, how to compost your unemployment check stubs and which soup kitchens have a Michelin star--to compliment those we now offer a completely person, partial list of ways to cheer ourselves up, if only for a meal, if only for a moment.

1) Ice cream. Even with an overcast sky there are few days ice cream can't enliven. From mocha almond fudge, to a missing favorite, English toffee, sweet and creamy childhood goodness.
Sodas and toppings optional.

2) Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, fresh from the oven. Just thinking about them conjures up aromatic memories.

3) Soup. Broccoli soup, split pea, albondigas, matzo ball.

4) Hot chocolate

5) Pudding. Chocolate, butterscotch, and something I discovered in Connecticut delis: Grape nuts pudding. Don't knock it til you've tried it! Top 'em all with whipped cream or half and half for an extra treat.

6) Crusty bread and wonderful cheese

If I were really brave I'd start creating menus to go with this posting, in the meantime I'll be gobbling up sweet treats, and playing chain factor. And if that doesn't help, there's always this.

What kind of goodies are you reaching for during this stormy economic weather?


  1. Chicken & Dumplings, a Banana Split, Baby Back Ribs (yesterday in fact!), and a Chicken Pot Pie...4 starters.

    Restless One: do you need a foot massage to go with your order?

  2. I like all the things on your list. I would add pot roast and goulash and stew. I would take any and all with me over to the couch to watch my favorite move (thanks for linking me).

  3. Des, have you seen the YouTube channel where the 90-something Italian grandma prepares meals from the Depression?

    She's a doll, but the food really does come out of poverty!

  4. Great link Karen thanks!
    Margaret--great additions--
    CO-- did you ever watch Pulp Fiction?
    And that conversation regarding foot massages?
    (Definitely NOT a comfort film!)

  5. Who's talkin bout comfort FILM??
    Sorry 2 hear you're not N2 foot massages.

  6. Just thought it was funny! btw LOVE chicken and dumplings--and the rest of your recs

  7. Am I repeating myself? Just give me a straight shot of some yummy bourbon! I can weather any blinking storm. Maga

  8. Break out the bourbon, chica!