Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movies and Madness and Menus

By quirk of fate, timing and a Netflix subscription I watched one, two, three movies recently. Along with my brief critiques I've devised some recommended menus to increase your viewing pleasure.

"Rachel Getting Married" and "I've Loved You So Long" are both about sisters and involve a tragic event in the past. One soars, one sinks.

I am a complete NUT about rehab stories. The drama, the passion, the rage, the ensuing compassion. Days of Wine and Roses, Clean and Sober embody this cathartic drama. After watching the twenty minutes of the plot, and 70 minutes of music interspersed with cinema verite I have composed this drinking game for "Rachel"

You will need: many, many, many bottles of your favorite booze.

Each time the subtext of a scene is "You don't love me! You never loved me!" drink a glass or shot.
Each time this intimate scene is played to an audience greater than 5, take another glass or shot for each additional cast member.
Pass out, mercifully, before the never-ending wedding reception scene.
From the movie: let them eat wedding cake.

The critics love Kristen Scott Thomas, a woman of a certain age who remains aloof and yet attractive. (Damn, am I outing myself here?) While Rachel's scenes were at top volume, all the power here comes from the muted and underplayed emotions.

Pour commencer:

A champagne cocktail (to celebrate liberation from prison!)
From the movie:
Quiche Lorraine and salad
Red currant tarte

And now, "Let the Right One In," that Swedish vampire film with a twist. I must have used up all of my sensitivity in France, because the only twist I see is a small boy running around in his underwear. Wait, the innovation was vampires and snow, right? We won't mention the gruesome scenes of violence, worthy of a David Lynch film.

Red wine. Red, red wine.
A variety of organ meats: heart, liver, sweetbreads, kidneys, cooked rare.
From the movie:

I have a feeling no one's accepting my next dinner party invitation.
And you? Favorite movie menu pairings? And, no, spaghetti and canolli has been done, and done, and done again...


  1. I LOVED I've Loved You So Long and was very bent out of shape when the movie and KST were completely snubbed by the Academy.

  2. You are making me laugh. My last movie was Hotel for Dogs, so you can see we're on a different wavelength here. As for pairings, all movies go with chocolate. Enough said.

  3. Well, the subliminal message seems to be if you get married:

    Top photo: a young & optimisitic bride
    Middle photo: realities of married life
    Bottom: stayed too long in a bad marriage.

    I prefer your comfort food pix!

  4. CO--SO funny! ok, ok--although Friday's not gonna make you happy either
    M--it was very unusual--that's why I blogged
    S--I loved the movie too, so understated (although I'm not quite convinced about its central plot device) we'll have to chat about it!