Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Words to Live By



“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”

Robert Bresson


  1. J. and I have been talking about this tonight as it relates to art. Not always, but sometimes, making art is so hard, why would you do it if it wasn't true to your vision?

    One reason: if you can get paid for it, it beats waitressing.

  2. I don't see this as admonishing you to be true to your vision, I see it more as reminding you that you are the only one who can create and share that vision--a reminder to each of us of our unique perspective. :)

  3. That makes sense. The quote is not about art, anyway.

    Between novels, I've begun to read this:
    An accident. A friend gave me a copy. These guys did/are following their vision(s). Delightful.

  4. I love this. Akin to the thought that each of us is a piece of the universe aware of itself.

  5. Thats the starting point. It's the struggle to be seen that will break your heart

  6. Boy, I wish I'd said that. But you know, Allen always gets there first -- all up in your face with his perfect spelling and physical well being, dragging his blazing saddle like a blankie.