Monday, May 20, 2013

Do the Rooster

 I struck up a conversation with my seatmate.  An exceptionally young looking great grandmother, she was flying from her home in Phoenix to participate in the bowling nationals in Reno.  After a lively discussion regarding Arizona's and Arpaio's strident worker policies (did you realize Jan Brewer was NOT elected by the Arizona public, she stepped in after Napolitano was tapped by Obama?) she shared that a member on her bowling team needed two shots before each game.   Yeah, the member who regularly bowled in the three hundreds.  And then she shared her current favorite drink:

The Rooster;
One shot silver tequila
followed by
One shot orange juice
followed by
One shot tomato juice
followed by
lime and salt.

I was sitting next to a party girl.  Cock a doodle doo!


  1. Like, consecutive shots? Go Grandma!

  2. Ok - so what takes you up to the friendly skies and did you visit the Nevada museum while in Reno?

  3. Oh, I thought you posted about Simenon, but perhaps that was elsewhere? If it was goodbooks or reads or whatever, I'm screwed. Can't sign on.

    I was just emailing someone else that Simenon was crack to me; I couldn't stop until I'd read everything. And that was a lot.

    His style, his flat style, with all this warmth and intelligence peeking out of the background -- the criminal intentions of others, his love for wife, comfort level at home, the quiet psychological investigations -- as mysteries go, it doesn't get any better.

    And I think Gambon did a good job. Not that I thought Maigret looked like Gambon at all. I had his features much more refined, his body on the smaller scale. But nevertheless, Gambon captured the essence. Or don't you think?

  4. She WAS a party, girl, which is why I posted it:)
    PA: Writer's conference--very productive, south Lake Tahoe.
    Simenon: This is what I said-- What can a mystery writer NOT learn from Georges Simenon?
    Maigret brings us mood, class tension, self-consciousness and self-awareness.
    And in the end, of course, justice.
    Simply written and simply terrific.

    Do you know how much he's written? It's spectacular! I love knowing there's always another book out there.

  5. I like old ladies like her and I intend to become one.

    Now I have to read Simenon.