Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keep it simple


When the heat hovers at 100 degrees, and the rest of us keep low to the ground, most of us do not want to cook.  It's time for salads, chilled fruits, cocktail shakers filled with lemonade or iced coffee, made frothy with the shaking.

Shrimp, defrosted in your fridge or counter top or drained in a colander is best for this.

Shred lettuce (iceberg, romaine, clumps of arugula), peel then grate a healthy carrot, scatter green onions, dice a tomato.  Salt,  toss, add a splash of vinegar, dress with olive oil (someone gave me a wonderful bottle of lemon infused olive oil, perfect for a salad such as this).  Add the 8 ounces or more of shrimp you've defrosted, and serve.  Want to kick it up futher? Add avocado and some freshly made pico de gallo (diced onions, tomatoes, jalepenos, cilantro).  It keeps the heat at bay.


  1. Yes, when it's over 90 degrees, I think salad is the only food group. (Iceberg lettuce often gets a bad rap, but I love it.)

  2. This is one I can make.

    This time of year I eat tomato/basil/mozzarella everything.

  3. P: yum, yum!
    PA: Ever the iconoclast--
    AH: Iceberg, like rose, is vilified by aspirational foodies--not us!