Monday, August 1, 2011

Simple Things

You probably already have your favorite grilled salmon recipe.  Maybe thick steaks, lightly salted,
grilled long enough to cook the exterior and keep the interior medium rare.  Heaven.
Perhaps  filets, marinated for an hour or so in orange juice, parsely, salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil. 

Here's my latest pick, courtesy of a favorite friend.

Make or buy your batch of pesto.  If you're using Marcela Hazan's recipe here, just blend the basil, salt, olive oil and pine nuts. You won't need the butter or Parmesan cheese.

Take your one to two pound salmon filet, skin-side down, and spread your pesto gently to cover the top of the fish.  Carefully place, again, skin-side down, on pre-heated grill, set to low low low.

Cooking time depends on the heat of your grill and the thickness of the fish.  If you like it cooked thoroughly the fish is done when flaky on top.
Remove from grill; if removing it in one piece seems tricky, remove it in serving portions.
I guarantee you will love the contrast between the pink salmon and the dense green pesto.

Serve with a luscious potato salad, and some sliced tuscan melon.  It's summer, after all!


  1. You overestimate me. No, I don't have a favorite grilled salmon recipe.

    If the salmon is really good -- Copper river, for example -- I like it raw.

    But your potato salad goes with anything. Or stands on its own.

  2. I don't really grill, but I do slather pesto on salmon and broil it. It's not nearly as cool though.

  3. When I think of Salmon I think of that smarmy huckster on KCET who push salmon on us for three meals a day; plus that line of skin care products. No I didn't go along with it. I'm a professional dieter, I knew that concept would have a short shelf life.

    So when are you going to visit my blog and leave a comment? I'm hurt

  4. PA: Clearly, I don't watch enough tv!!!
    Btw, if you've been feeling ignored, I've been catching up on all my Celeb rehab episodes.
    Always love watchin' 'em with a a snifter of vodka by my side.

  5. My resident chef grills salmon then serves it with a sauce of Dusseldorf mustard, mayo, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and a few drops of Tabasco. Divine.

  6. Lucky you, to have a resident chef!

  7. Guilt: works in rehab / works on the web

  8. Guilt:
    as you know, 'tis better to give than to receive.