Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breatherians Unite!

My scale is telling me that I am transforming into a breatherian.

I'm not keen on this change, as I have long had an attachment to consuming nourishment the traditional way.  On the upside, it's slashing our food bill and I'll have tons of pots, pans, etc to donate to Goodwill.  The family won't miss my cooking, they've always been resentful of the lack of convenience food.

Any sister breatherians out there with wise coping tips?  I don't have much hope, knowing that faithful commenters here here and here are slender lasses.  One in particular (no names) hides her stash of evening sweets from the kids.  Sigh.  It's hard living here on the astral plane---


  1. I noticed I wasn't mentioned in the here here here. Hear hear!

  2. Now I know what to take to the next potluck.

    (It's ok, PA, I shouldn't have made the cut. Although after two weeks straight of hiking almost every day, hope springs eternal.)

  3. Clearly, PA--my diet of oxygen affected my brain. Because aren't raw vegans to Breatherians as cleanliness is to godliness?
    btw AH: I have a plate of yours holding up a bunch of air already--

  4. Des and PA, I've hurt myself running. It was foolish of me to try it. (Should have stuck with hiking, it was always good to me. But I wanted something I didn't have to drive to.) Now I'm laid low and will have to take up this breathing diet if I want to maintain my "here" status.

  5. It's true. I do hide all sorts of things from my children, mostly chocolate. But I don't think I've every been called a slender lass. You know, once you've been fat you always think you're fat, and my tragic nick name was Plump Belly.

  6. I'd giddy just thinking about being a slender lass.