Wednesday, July 6, 2011

After Midnight

Medianoche, that fabulous Cuban sandwich, is filled with different textures and flavors, and perfect for any
pork roast leftovers you may have hanging around.  For those in the know, there is great debate over the appropriate bread.  Perhaps you have a Cuban bakery nearby, and can ask for the correct sweet, egg bread.  I make do with bolillo rolls. 

Per person you will need:
a sandwich roll
sliced ham
sliced or shredded pork roast
sliced Swiss cheese
yellow mustard
dill pickles

Slice the roll.  Spread mayo and mustard on each side.  Layer cheese, pork, ham, pickles.  Brush the top and bottom of the roll with melted butter.  In a heated skillet or sandwich press, grill your sandwich, until the bread is crisp and a bit compressed, and the cheese melted.

One bite and you, too, will have after midnight cravings.


  1. You make this only around de midnite hour, Chef?

  2. does morning star have a version of bean curd pork?

  3. I want this, not that I have any idea what bollilo roll is. I guess you just know how to sell it. I have a slow cooked pork roast that I froze in June.

  4. AH: Pork roast is the unsung hero of our times;
    (psst--bolillos are those fat rolls; you can always visit Mussolini and pick them up on Lake)
    M: 'Tis PA: ?!? CP--When the spirit moves me--

  5. P: Mayo is olive oil that has seen the light

  6. I'm stealing this recipe. I will think of you with each bite.

  7. Mayo is olive oil that has seen the light