Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Local recommendations

Don't you love being in the know? Like visiting a new town and having someone give you the skinny on the best fattening foods?

Our quartet has turned into a trio over the past week.  We dropped off our daughter at the center of the universe, that's right, NYC.  In January I had walked past a place near Grand Central; this past week I walked in, got pizza by the slice for the kids, and a wonderful stuffed spinach calzone, drenched in garlic, crammed with mozzarella, truly a thing of beauty.  Bringing back the slices to the hotel room the elevator fella sniffed at the label on the box.
"You wanna know where to get the best pizza in the city?"
Are you kidding me?! Of COURSE I want to know!
He leaned over to let us in on the secret, pausing, then pronouncing  "California Pizza Kitchen."

Okay.  So maybe the ratings by locals are overrated.


  1. That's too funny! At least he didn't say Pizza Hut.

  2. Love this! Reminds me of the tip we got in NYC from the doorman: old-style ice cream at Colstone Creamery.

  3. That's hilarious. I should say something smug and pithy about the corporate takeover of America, but instead I'll just say that I hope the drop-off went well.

  4. My daughter loves CPK, and I am not opposed. They have some nice salads and I love how they give you the nutrition details. Yes! I do! Because I am just crazy enough to care about that stuff. Congrats on the safe delivery of your daughter. Please cook with care. You will now have more leftovers.

  5. That would make my die-hard New Yawkah spouse cringe (though he does love CPK)!

    How are mom and dad doing with the threesome, instead of the quartet?

    We're down to a trio now ourselves, and while it does get easier to say goodbye, I still miss my boy!

  6. J: I see I'm not alone! S:He was surprised to learn that CPK could be found in CA--
    L&M: Thanks, ladies! K:I take the 5th on the grounds I may incriminate myself--

  7. I'm glad to know the drop-off went well. At least you got some good food out of it, if not a bittersweet memory.

  8. CPK can always be found in my freezer.