Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doing things all wrong--

 Sigh.  After another season of New Jersey Housewives, I realize I've been doing everything all wrong!  Yes, I know, I, along with many others, choked when Teresa paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, in cash, for furnishings.  And, no, I don't need a black onyx kitchen counter.  And her husband is a bit of, well, a vulgarian.  But did you see the size of that jewel he gave her on their tenth? The chinchilla jackets the girls wore in their gondola? The size of the cruise ship they sailed out of Venice, Italy?  The size of their bankruptcy?  In case you hadn't heard, $11 million.

I know her Bravo gig isn't going to cover that.  But what slays me, is how did they get to dig themselves so deep?  Some company (ies) was definitely extending an enabling hand (s).  And, what does it feel like to spend so much money?

Fuhgidaboudit Pasta:

Bring salted water to a boil, add a pound of pasta.  I'm keen on fettucine or linguine.

Slick a saucepan with olive oil.  Heat on medium.  Add 4-6 minced anchovies and stir until the anchovies melt away.  Add a coupla minced cloves of garlic.  Let sizzle for half a minute, don't let it discolor.  Add a pound of chopped tomatoes, salt, simmer and stir until soft.   If you feel that's too simple kick it up with minced basil and black olives.   Pour over your drained pasta.


  1. Will the anchovies really just melt away? Really? Like, as in living no evidence of themselves? Mothers of unworthy dining companions want to kknow.

  2. One of my favorite no-recipe recipes! I also like to splash in just a bit of balsamic to brighten the flavor.

  3. Anchovies are my favorite food group. But I'm still stuck with my hundred tomatoes. Sauce, more sauce. Sauce again.

  4. M: Disintegrate? Leaving little traces of brown? You can tell the kids it's garlic...
    S: Mmmm, will have to give it a try!
    AH: Such a problem, you kid-

  5. Anchovies?? Disgusting!! But, at least I know where to find all it's fans.