Monday, July 19, 2010

Chipotle Mayonnaise

It's been too hot to do anything more demanding than picking up a phone to order pizza.  Really, who wants to grill when the temperature's over 100?  But last night I had a can of crab in the fridge, made a quick batch of crab cakes, with a little chipotle mayonnaise.  Chipotles are those dark smoky chiles; in adobe they acquire a tangy zing of vinegar, which makes their salsas even more memorable.

In your blender for every half cup of mayonnaise add two chiles en adobo, with a teaspoon or so of their juice.  For an added thrill toss in a teaspoon or so of capers.  Puree.  
I guarantee it will knock your socks off.


  1. Now I'll have to wait for the next heat wave.

  2. I just thought of something: if ewe can't stand the heat - get outta kitchen!!

  3. CO--Somehow I keep forgetting that one--