Friday, October 30, 2009

Witches' Menu

by Sonja Nikolay

Live lizard; dead lizard
Marinated; fried.
Poached lizard, pickled lizard
Salty lizard hide.

Hot lizard, cold lizard
Lizard over ice.
Baked lizard, boiled lizard
Lizard served with spice.

Sweet lizard, sour lizard
Smoked lizard heart.
Leg of lizard, loin of lizard
Lizard a la carte.

Which reminds me, I've got to get shopping for dinner.


  1. Smart lizard, dumb lizard
    Which one are you?
    Creamed lizard, steamed lizard
    (Don't eat the fondue.)

  2. Fried lizard, dyed lizard
    Lizard ala king
    Dried lizard, tried lizard
    Just not my thing.

  3. Not on goat, not a train,
    Not in the sunshine, not in the rain.
    I will not eat your lizard.
    I will not eat it now.
    I will not eat your lizard.
    I'd rather have cow.

  4. Who are these witches U talkin' bout?
    Anyones we should know? Just wanna know who 2 avoid eating de homecooking from around here.

  5. AH--Clearly, you are a trend setter on the scale of Madonna--
    Ladies--the three of you are sooo funny! Hysterical!
    CP--Dunno, but I'd definitely pass on the lizard course

  6. Make mine lizard chutney, please.

  7. Caffè lizard
    Pizza lizard
    Anna lizaRD (my last three exgirlfriend had this name, isn't magic enough?!?!?) :D

  8. I see lizard in the sun
    I prefer lizard on the run
    I am not a pteradactyl
    Eating lizard ain't practical

  9. Pio-quite the gourmande!
    I-3 Annas or 3 lizards?
    And for all you brave eaters, something by Ogden Nash:
    A gourmet once challenged me to eat
    A tiny bit of rattlesnake meat
    Remarking, "Don't look horror stricken,
    You'll find it tastes a lot like chicken."
    It did.
    Now chicken I cannot eat
    Because it tastes like rattlesnake meat.

  10. The lizard poem sounds like something we'd say while jumping rope, double dutch.