Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Dining Deals--

Feeling flush or frugal, there are three course lunches and dinners for every budget (if you can fit in $16 plus tax and tip) right here.

As I browse the restaurants on offer, there is an incredible selection here! If money and calories were of no concern, you could practically tour the world cuisines.

My choices: Santa Monica for Anisette (I peered in once and felt transported to France) and Ocean Avenue Seafood for the oysters and stunning view. Downtown LA to sample Feniger's street fare at Street, and back to Pasadena for Parkway's s'mores and Pops champagne. How 'bout you?


  1. A Taste of Old Pasadena just finished & now more discount restaurants to ck out!!
    I'd like to visit the brasserie but it's way back there in SMonica. I need more to get on the freeway to take that trip. I already eat street food so I don't need to eat it at WLA/BH prices, unless there's a big discount with this event. I'd rather visit the, Restless Dez Bistro, where I can get a much better value than these places.

    But, I will try to hit 3-4 closer to home.

  2. I mite try out Maria's Italo Kitchen on Foothill. Anybody have experience with it?

  3. Dear Restless Chef,
    I just heard they're closing Gourmet Magazine. What's your take?

    I Bought It for the Pictures

  4. Dear AH:
    Always the provocative one... I've never been to that iconic restaurant Michaels. I better start digging for change in the sofa. Nor had I heard about Gourmet. Well, with all of us writers giving product away, who wants to pay for it?
    CP: Hmmm, Restless Dez Cafe...I'm gonna have to talk to Financially InKleined. You see, there's this little cafe on Lake and Altadena that always closed for the new owners 9 months out of the year, then open for 3, then closed again...

  5. Could tell you about the funky places to eat here in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. Sounds like Pasadena's the place to be though!!

  6. Thanks Kate, for dropping by. Always nice to hear from another country...

  7. I like my Senor Fish, always a bargain.

  8. The first time I went to Sr Fish it had been written up in the LA Times and was off of the 110 freeway. A nearby diner called it "bueno, bonito, y barrato,"
    Good, pretty, and cheap.
    A combo that's hard to find!

  9. You can find it on Mission in So Pasta, Chef Dez. There s/b one in Alhambra too.

    It looks like no one has tried Maria's Italo Kitchen. Now I'm starting to get cold paws.