Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Farm Eggs

Yes, yes, I know. I'm supposed to cut back on dairy and all animal products for the betterment of society and humans. And I am cutting back, not out of concern for my health, but out of concerns for the animals involved. That's why I buy cage-free eggs. But if you watch my "last cooked" gadget, you'll see I'm often cooking huevos rancheros, or farm eggs.

Per person you will need:

A corn tortilla
An egg
A dollop of refried beans
Green sauce

First, the beans. Working under the premise that a pot of pinto beans is a staple in your home, like mine, heat a tablespoon of lard in a skillet. When hot add 2-3 cups pinto beans (including liquid from the beans). Using your potato masher, squash the beans into a lumpy or smooth puree. Add water if it seems too dry for your taste.

In small skillet heat your green sauce. I use a combo of Herdez and Las Palmas; you can, of course boil, blend and cook down your own tomatillos. But that makes me tired even to contemplate. Crack an egg in the sauce, cover, turn the heat to low.

As the egg simmers ladle a dollop of refried beans on your plate, flash fry your corn tortilla in half an inch of hot hot hot vegetable oil, cover the beans with the corn tortilla. Gently pour the sauce and egg over the tortilla. Garnish with a grating of cotjia cheese.

That should keep you going till noon---


  1. There are a growing number of backyard chicken farmers in Altadena, and a lot of them are selling their surplus eggs. Let me know if you want the contact info.

  2. Oh, that sounds good. But what about the animals involved in the making of the lard? What are your thoughts on olive oil in this case?

  3. I had the best huevos in a little restaurant in Cancun. The non-tourist part of town. It was a Mayan recipe, with corn tortillas (soft!) and peas and pork. I've never had anything like it since.

  4. Restless Dez, if you need more eggs, you can contact & help the ADHiker before she does something we'd all regret.

  5. CO--took a little digging but I figured it out!
    P-sounds fascinating--
    S-will definitely follow up!
    M--Harumph. I've been hoisted on my own fork. Now for the self-righteous justification: it seems to me those of us who eat meat should be ready to consume most bits of it. I use bacon fat, and lard. And I will, up until the day I swear off meat completely. Pigs are such intelligent animals. I mean, gee, did you ever watch "Babe"?