Tuesday, September 18, 2012


What great nation has a populace that feels entitled to food, shelter and healthcare?

Food vs. hunger
Shelter vs. homelessness
Healthcare vs. illness.

Can't be us.  We have the highest infant mortality rate of any developed country.
It's our weird mythology, that the rugged individual who makes it on his own. (Yes, gentle readers, it is always a he). It never seems to take into account
the money or privilege certain rugged individualists inherited upon birth.  And the rest of us?  Lazy slackers, agitating about our share of the government pie.

Coping mechanisms, anyone?


  1. Maybe this will help: my neighbor, a die-hard Republican, told me today he will vote Democratic this year. He's a small business owner who pulled himself up by his bootstraps and has been insulted by the leader of his own party.

  2. Why form a society if the primary purpose isn't to keep the members alive?

  3. AH: Damn straight. P:Good to know!

  4. I am a lazy slacker, and proud of it! Now peel me a grape.

  5. M: I see-- the coping mechanism is to embrace this. Got it--