Monday, June 25, 2012

Too many zucchini?

Two for all you overachieving gardeners out there

Grill 'em.
(But I'll bet you already knew that) 
I like to slice them, sprinkle them with garlic salt, then sizzle.

Cold (via Jamie Oliver):
Peel them (really, the skin is awful anyway)
Using the peeler ( I use a broad one) peel strips of zucchini into a large salad bowl.

a couple of tablespoons of freshly minced mint
a tablespoon of minced garlic,
a sprinkle of chile seeds/or
a minced chile

Right before serving salt to taste, a squeeze of lemon and a slather of olive oil.  Easy, elegant and offbeat.


  1. They're a good substitute for noodles in a casserole. Don't act surprised. I have a few tricks up my sleeve

  2. Never surprised! And I'm certain they're all visually appealing---

  3. Don't know why anybody would do anything but grill them.

  4. I am intrigued by PAs idea. Thoughts?

  5. you slice the zuchs thin and place them at the bottom of a (olive) oiled casserole pan. You layer like lasagna using tofu meat, onions, spaghetti sauce, garlic and cheese. I think. Maybe some breadcrumbs on the top - and parmesan. All things are better with cheese; but then, It's been awhile

    1. My heaven's, I missed this recipe. Looks delightful--

  6. I love the idea of the thinly sliced salad with the chiles . . . I've done it with summer squash, parsley, pine nuts, and a garlic vinaigrette but spicy is always better!