Monday, July 9, 2012

What Becomes a Goddess Most?

A novel, of course.

Margaret Finnegan's wild romp The Goddess Lounge is feminist fusion, wedding the present day to the
epic Odyssean tale.  In honor of her hot-off-the press publication, a toast, and a virtual menu.

While we know Mt Olympian gods live on nectar and ambrosia, our goddess has lustier appetites.

To start:
sparkling pinot, a deep dry sparkling wine, "To Margaret and your successful publication!" The dry wine emphasizes the silky, slightly sweet foie gras on brioche toasts.

First course:
Antipasto:  a hearty platter of soppressato, caponato, mortadella and pungent provolone.  Keep sipping the sparkling pinot, and when it runs out, a bottle of lambrusco will do.

Pasta a la carbonara, heavy on the cream, extra bacon please, and keep grating that fresh parmesan until I say when.
Wait, you've got a fresh truffle there?  Shave away!

If you've sworn off chardonnay, bored by the whole thing, now's the time to reconnect to something oaky and/or buttery.

Direct from Angelique's cafe on the Rue de Rivoli, Paris:  hot chocolate (where it is rumored they melt chocolate bars to achieve the perfect quality) topped by creme de chantilly.

You will need nothing more after this, I promise, except some quiet time to finish reading this great book.


  1. You are fabulous. I love this menu. Now I need some pasta Carbonara.

  2. Definitely impossible to improve on Venus Nipples, but I did my best--

  3. Oh Des, this is wonderful! I think I'll try fixing this meal, then I'll turn down the lights and see what happens. I may not be a goddess but I do like lusty appetites.

  4. Well, yes, the Venus nipples were a bit inspired.

  5. Well, in a pinch, one can always substitute Hershey's kisses for Venus Nipples.

  6. I am guessing that your average goddess does not worry one whit about calories. So nice to be a goddess.

  7. Oh, that pasta will be the death of me. (Off topic, but it's your gardener Max's first day at chez moi. I like him already.

  8. Yum! When's this event taking place - and can you save me a seat!?

  9. fabulous, but I must spread this out over many meals to appreciate it

  10. Ladies--so glad you enjoy it!--Happily the calories on this menu are purely theoretical--

    AH: Yay! He takes direction, too--

  11. Oh, I'm late as usual. Would it be gauche to skip the first and main course and go straight to that chocolate dessert? Is there any left?

  12. Dear Susan:
    Silly me. True celebrations should START with the dessert--