Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thank you for asking

Yes, still in the dark.  On the upside I have a very clean refrigerator.
I tackled it like a triage unit: what is the most vital and perishable?
That one was easy, we all know room-temperature vodka is vile.  I made sure to polish it off
before tackling anything else.  And after that, what could possibly matter?


  1. Spoken like an expert. I can stop worrying about you now.

  2. Are you still in the dark, Restless Dez? Or have you finally seen the light, or at least electricity, today? ;)

  3. My fridge and freezer are bare nekkid. It was kind of sad burying the shrimp.

  4. AH-boo hoo!
    CP-Alive and thriving. Wonderful to have heat!
    Thanks, Petrea!

  5. Glad the power is back on . . . .

  6. My fridge and freezer got a cleaning like they haven't seen in years. Had to do it just to elevate the body temperature - too bad I didn't have any vodka around to do the trick!