Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweet Somethings for shipping

 In case you need gift ideas for shipping off, a few ideas spring to mind.  The first time I tasted pears courtesy Harry and David, it was as if I had never tasted a pear before--recently I found a great promotion slipped into the pages of Sunset magazine. Need chocolate with a twist?  Senor Murphy's, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is wonderful, and I'm always sorry more people haven't heard of them.  Try the bolitas (fudge, surrounded by chocolate, then chopped almonds) or Twin Peaks, two almonds in a blob of caramel, dipped in dark chocolate.

Perhaps you're dashing off somewhere and need a hostess gift quick--swing by The Little Flower Candy Co. Pricey, but delicious and lovely to behold during Christmas time.
But I'll be you already knew that.

Feeling frugal, and like baking? Two of my favorites here and here.


  1. We always send my mom H & D pears at Christmas. They are so good...and healthy too!

  2. Rather than show up at every holiday gathering with a baggy full of peppermint Jo Jo's, I'd like to hear about the best places to buy tamales. I know one in East LA, but any place closer?

    Distressed in Altadena

  3. Hey, what about my Carver (elementary school) caramel blogbets? Chewy goodness in every bite

  4. I meant globets. That g key is so close to the b

  5. I love Little Flower. I don't think the prices are too high, considering the candy is all hand made and all gooooood.

  6. AH: Really-do you enjoy playing stump the blogger? Sheesh! How 'bout pupusas? I can give you that--
    PA: Hmm, unsure if the name is particularly appetizing. Where do you get 'em?
    P: It's all good.

  7. I make um - and at a blog picinic, the hiker was the only person willing to eat them - it buffered my hurt feelings and earned her my undying gratitude and loyalty