Friday, April 24, 2009

A rosé by any other name

I am a fan of rosé wine. I don't mean Almaden, Woodbridge, Beringer, or anything smacking of white zinfandel.Those are the wines that have made Americans suspicious of chilled pink stuff for the past twenty years. No, I mean a delightfully balanced easily drinkable, inexpensive bottle of pleasure.

Two of my favorites: Kenwood rosé , last spotted at Trader Joe's hovering at the five dollar mark. I should have bought a case. Another is Red Bicyclette, last purchased at Ralph's for $8, a French import and so nicely balanced. Gee, like a cyclist.

Both wines are fruity but dry; friendly, but not overly sweet. Perfect for an evening on the veranda, with the night blooming jasmine nearby, to share with a talkative friend. Whaddya think? Are you gonna give it a swirl?


  1. I think yeah. Love the dry pink stuff. TJ's has La Ferme for about $5. When I feel very, very rich, I spring for Bandol.

  2. I can't wait to try them, both--