Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Improbable Dining Dreams

The first time I heard of Rao's restaurant was while listening to Martha Stewart cook with the owner, and admonish her viewers to despair of ever eating there. Because, as the owner explained, those tables were booked for locals and regulars for every day of the week. I did despair! Something else utterly out of my reach.

A married couple I know achieved the impossible: they snagged a table. In fact, the owner called them and gave them their choice of months: November or April? April, they agreed, and planned their trip to New York City around that tiny restaurant in Harlem.

Wow. They did it.

What's your improbable dining dream?


  1. Are your brownies done yet? You've got a hungry dog waiting here - how improbable is that!

  2. Hmmm...I think it would have to be something from the past, like the home-grown tomatoes my great-Aunt in Fresno used to grow, or the way hot dogs tasted to my ten-year old self.

  3. The Ritz in Paris. And I'm gonna do it, too. I wanted to eat at Tour d'Argent and I got to do that in 2006. If I knew more, I'd expand my desires to other cities! But I'm hopelessly in love with Paris.

  4. And you will do it, I'm sure! We'll have to chat sometime about that icon, the Tour d'argent (silver tower, or, the MONEY tower).
    Food memories--now that's another column, and mine would be my the apricots in my grandmother's backyard

  5. I'm dreaming big - a tour of all the Michelin three-star restaurants across Europe!

  6. ALB--
    how fun does that sound! Are there are any 3 stars in So Ca? I may have to start there--