Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dine LA

Looking for upscale dining experience at a less than upscale price? This is the place: and it's been extended till the end of February.

Yes, even the restless home cook pines for a world class dining experience. This is a shot of Gordon Ramsay's, in West Hollywood, which is tucked away in what must be the most expensively renovated hotel in that block. (Hmmm, such a scale).

Heck, even the drive is an adventure, down Sunset past the building-tall billboards, the evocative edifices, the A-list restaurants, the dreams of deals being settled or soured in some quiet back room with bottled still water and icy stares. Sunset Boulevard.

When my husband and I hit Gordon Ramsay's we were met by a friendly and efficient server. She was replaced by a goofy guy whose pants needed help (he crushed the hem of his pants with each step), while his jacket sleeves reached halfway down his palms. His attire didn't spoil the three course experience. I started with a beet and ricotta cheese appetizer, which was more beautiful than delicious. Followed by pan seared sea trout, which had a terrifically crisply, salty skin, and a scoop of butter drenched cabbage. We ended with meyer lemon pudding and buttermilk ice cream, and Valhrona burnt chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream. It was fun, it was glam, and on the drive back we gawked at Amoeba records and all the guitar shops. We promised each other not to wait another fifteen years to return to the upscale seedy world of West Hollywood.

How about you? Anything look enticing on the list?


  1. Hmmm. I've always wanted to try Cafe Pinot and/or the Pinot Grill, wondering if they're related. Probably not. I liked I Cugini when I tried it, which was at least five years ago! I didn't like Tam O'Shanter, but that was a long time ago too.

    Vertical! That'll be my first stop.

  2. What did you eat? Was it delicious? Was it as good as your brownies? I made them the other day. Very yummy. Now I'm making Susan's stew.

  3. I love the Pinot restaurants I've visited!
    Margaret, I added a photo and a couple of lines to answer your question. Stay tuned, tomorrow, ladies, for a cold weather recipe.

  4. I hope their food was a lot better than the interior of the restaurant looks.

  5. Funny! I thought the interior was quite beautiful--

  6. This is an amazing returant. The food is so good. I loved it.