Sunday, July 7, 2013

Current Summer Addictions

Sliced peaches, bananas, a sprinkling of blueberries on zero percent Greek yogurt, with a healthy shower of brown sugar.

Pancakes, with diced bananas and blue berries scattered into the batter before flipping.  A drizzle of maple syrup and a dollop of Greek yogurt on the side (for protein, cuts back the hunger pangs caused by all those deliciously empty carbs).



  1. Those peaches look extra-special.

  2. I'm loving home grown tomatoes. Sliced. With just a little saly and pepper.

  3. M: I am envious of your tomatoes AND saly.
    You're SO cutting edge.
    (Almost added a consonant which would have made this SO nonPG rated)
    Alas, B and AH, I am a borrower of photos--
    But they sure do perk up the joint!

  4. Mr V and I scored big when a friend of Ramona's brought over an entire grocery sack of home grown organic peaches. They were those disk shaped kind. Peaches noon and night. Gave some to the guys down at the studio, but otherwise selfishly guarded them for ourselves.

    My combo is peaches, almond milk and a dollop of greek yogurt with raw sugar on top. It's a brownish tint with a bit of crunch

  5. You gourmande, you--will have to try it out