Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yeah--late to the party.
First off, I could not connect.  Where I come from, this is what sopa is:

Heat a little oil in a sauce pan.  On medium, saute half a pound of vermicelli or coiled pasta until lightly browned or toasted. Feeling wild? Saute a half cup of frozen carrots and peas as well.  Crumble in a cube of instant broth, chicken, veg or beef, add a quarter cup tomato sauce.  Add a cup and a half of water.  Cover saucepan, simmer on low until the broth is absorbed by  the noodles.

This was a go to dish when I was raised, an instant hit with my son when he was younger, and comfort food to my grandparents.  Long ago, after traveling to Europe and arriving in France, worried about what they would find to eat, they were delighted to be served this dish. 


  1. No cheese, this one, perhaps a bit more broth to make it soupy. Sopa, get it?
    PA: I hope you appreciate this recipe which lacks meat products.

    1. I think I can adapt my Box of "spicy" pasta mix to it, Certainly would be an improvement to what I'm dealing with

  2. Sound stood to me. I could use some comfort food today.