Monday, January 30, 2012

For the Weekend, Or, Weekend Recovery

My friend Robin and her friend Robin came up with a twist on the martini:

One part vodka
Two parts blood orange juice

Shake well and pour into cocktail glasses.

Splash one part ginger ale, garnish with freshly grated ginger.
Bloody delicious.


  1. That does look good - and easy. I think seeing this earlier must have influenced me to pick up the two bottles of B&J's Strawberry Daiquiri I found in the bargain basket at Vons. $1.49 each

  2. getting it cheap is part of the esthetic

  3. That does sound tempting. What good friends you have.

  4. P: You talk a big game! ;)
    M: So good, she even made me one.
    PA: Your esthetic constantly amazes me--
    AH:I'm not sure it's quite the same as a Manhattan. We'll have to do a side by side comparison--

  5. And it's beautiful! I'm in . . . .

  6. B&J's (just the name makes me giggle) was refreshing in a low brow kind of way. It's the color of hummingbird juice. I may switch it out and record those drunken wee buzzards for the blog