Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food for Thought

In the spirit of Altadena Hiker, a haunting tune.
Swedish, by origin, and the lyrics are about wandering far and wide,
with a lunch made of blue and yellow milk, bread without butter or cheese.
How ignorant I am, when I asked the student who introduced me to this song.
What does blue and yellow milk mean?
Rancid, she answered.
Even Sweden had its moments.

Right here.


  1. What a lovely tune. And blue and yellow are the colors of Sweden. Beautiful Sweden.

  2. That makes even more sense--then--

  3. This def evokes the spirit of Altadenas Hiker. My only improvement wood bee surrounded with hounds instead of Aflac's.

  4. What? Sweden doesn't get to have moments anymore? Has Sweden died?

  5. No no, I mean, that even Sweden has faced deprivation. That's all.