Friday, May 20, 2011

Last Meal

As you know, the end of the world is scheduled for Saturday May 21st.  I'm not sure whether that's Greenwich Mean or Pacific, in any case the implication is that Friday night is the very last supper.

I have a fondness and affinity for those who believe in the end times. After all, for many years I was a devout fan of The Late, Great Planet Earth.  So, to be inclusive, as well as on the safe side, I have penciled in a meal of final requests:

To start the day:

croissants flown in from Broca's, Paris.
(or perhaps, Ugo's, in Sierra Madre)

To end the meal:
gelato flown in from Italy.  Or, perhaps Bulgarini, around the corner.
Or perhaps hot fudge sundaes all day long.

And in between?  Caviar and blini?  Foie gras?  Gumbo?  A mess of mole?

Let me know one of two of your favorite things---

See you around, or, then again, not!


  1. Bulgarini. What a great idea. Plus I need to get groceries. Or maybe we should just go out. Why be frugal?

  2. mmmm Zelos cornmeal pizza, beet salad, refried beans, vodka and cigarettes

  3. P: why indeed? PA: Hmm, this is beginning to sound like the house that Jack built--let's keep adding!

  4. You have a very modest last meal here, RC. It suggests your a non-believer.

  5. CP--I think with the thought of a last meal I just kinda lost my appetite.

  6. Really good soup. That's all I need.

  7. A big plate of ravioli, arugula salad and garlic bread. Bulgarini's for dessert. Mmmm... now I'm hungry.

  8. I cannot go out unless I have real hand-made crab cakes and some hickory smoked BBQ baby back ribs. I know the two do NOT go together but I dont care.

  9. Susan and Steve- Now THAT's a party!