Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Cocktail for a lazy Evening

Since my daughter moved to Manhattan I've been trying to acquire the taste.  Mixologists recommend rye, so I've been buying rye bourbon.  I like the sweet, the bitter, and the iciness.

However, before a swinging artistic event, three of us stopped into Fraiche, a trendy/swank restaurant in the ever-aspiring-to-be-somewhere Culver City.  This time the bartender used orange peel, searing it with a match to intensify the aromatics.  I sipped, savored, and approved. So did AH.  Later in the week I tried this at home, and this is what I came up with.

Fill your shaker halfway with ice.
Add 2 ounces bourbon ( I really like Buffalo Trace or Bulleit)
Add a splash of angoustura bitters
Then a splash of Regan's orange bitters.
Add one ounce sweet vermouth.
Swizzle, and let it sit in the cocktail shaker, so the drink chills completely, without getting watery.
Pull out your previously chilled cocktail glass, strain drink into glass. Garnish with orange peel.

And relax!  Your taxes are filed.  Aren't they?
If not, sip celebrate that this year you can wait until Monday--


  1. Sounds like something Noel Coward would approve of.

  2. I came back out to the foyer of said swinging artistic event to see you and chat, and y'all had commandeered a French exit. Next time...!

  3. Last week I bought Buffalo Trace. You never steer me wrong. (Taxes and Bitters go together, don't they?)

  4. I'm gonna have to take your word on this one. Forty-one years ago I consumed too much bourbon. Since that day no brown alcohol passes my lips.

  5. ps I filed for a six month extention for my tax return today. So I'm good till the middle of October.

  6. Hiker, I think bitters and taxes may be redundant!

  7. Alcohol and I have had a disagreement. I'm out of shape. I may have to lift the glass a sip at a time if I'm ever going to drink a whole cocktail again.

    I like "ever-aspiring-to-be-somewhere" so much that I'm going to look for places to quote you.

  8. P:You are so funny!
    M: I'm aspirational--you pegged that long ago. Why else did I marry a Brit-- L--Definitely next time!!!! I learned about French leaves from AH. Did you know the French call them English leaves? Steven--not good enough to break a 41 year ban-- :)
    Sid--yeah, ah is always clever with a twist..Sometimes I read her posts instead of having a cocktail.

  9. Desiree a perfect drink to comment again your post and wish a sweet easter! :)

  10. Italo! Dove sei?
    Me piace multo to see your photo. I only dropped my link to your blog a few weeks ago!

  11. here you are