Monday, April 18, 2011

Currently Reading

Goddess Margaret, in the LA Times, right here.
 btw, I think not only did they like her writing, but I think they really really liked her head shot!


  1. Shut up about that head shot. I know! It's enormous! It's the biggest thing every. I'm so embarrassed. (But thanks for spreading the word.)

  2. Wow! Margaret, it's a wonderful piece. Des, thanks for letting us know.

    Margaret, don't let it go to your big head.

  3. I'm so impressed! Gosh, it's great to know famous people. (But I think she's letting all the attention go to her, well, you know.)

  4. How can it not! That photo was as big as the story. Why?? Why?? I'm going to have to go and meditate so that I can "awaken" from my cringing.

  5. Did they spell your name right?
    Good God! We labor over our writing, and then we cringe when we have a teeny tiny taste of exposure. All that to say I'm with you Margaret--my window for personal attention is tiny indeed--I want it on MY terms.