Friday, January 29, 2010

Chocolate caked

A fascinating piece on NPR suggests that we can only handle so much rationality or reason in our pathetic brains, as evidenced by the people who consistently chose chocolate cake over fruit salad when given a complex number to memorize. When we hit fill tilt, apparently that hungry bear inside us all starts roaring.

After listening to that piece, I felt a bit lighter. No wonder I could be a rational human being at the work place, and totally devolve at home. Too much reason apparently burns itself out.

Bring on the Chocolate Cake!

Chocolate cake,
Chocolate cake
that's the one
I'll help you bake
Flour soda salt
are sifted
butter sugar
cocoa lifted
by the eggs
then mix the whole
grease the pans
I'll lick the bowl
Chocolate caked
chocolate caked,
that's what I'll be
when it's baked.

---Nina Payne


  1. I wood bring on the chocolate cake xcept 4 one fact - it's all gone.

  2. I love the poem. Fruit salad is for wusses.

  3. This reminds me - I still need to make those easy brownies with rididulously few ingredients.

  4. When I'm given a complex number to memorize I have a glass of pinot grigio.

  5. P: When I have a number I need to forget (Hmm, number in my brain equals $) I drink sidecars...S: YES! Make the brownies, your tastebuds will love you. CP: SHARE next time with your noncanine friends, let's not be specist; M: Poetry is for bodhisattva warriors!

  6. Seems everyone was in on the national "Chocolate Cake Day" but me

  7. PA--never too late to sneak a sliver of cake--