Monday, November 9, 2009

Cookbook Corner

Really, this woman has it all. Looks, wealth, personal tragedies, a sense of humor, and killer cooking sensibilities. Oh, plus the posh British accent. I picked up this book at the library the other day, and there are dozens of recipes I look forward to trying. She does, like Sandra Lee, pull ready-made items from the pantry, but unlike Sandra Lee, Nigella Lawson's combinations sound utterly appetizing.

A couple of summers back my husband's aunt served dinner in her garden (that's what the Brits call a back yard.) We crowded around a picnic table, and hid from the rain (that's what the Brits call summer). To end the fabulous meal, because this aunt is an amazing cook, she ladled out a very strange concoction. Well, this volume of Nigella's has the recipe for Eton Mess (that's what the Brits call dessert heaven). You can find it right here.


  1. Funny writing today, Des, making me want to go to England for what the Brits call holiday.

  2. Everything is better when surrounded with English accents.

  3. Can we find most of the ingredients in the shops? (That's what the Brits call Ralphs.)

  4. AH: Excellent question. I am on a quest, because I plan on making it for Thanksgiving. Will keep you posted.
    M: I used to resent that, now I embrace it. Um, him.
    P: November and it's time for a holiday for me too!

  5. Funny about those lovely accents. When I had to recruit and train a group of telemarketers to annoy people during the dinner hour on behalf of SCE, our star performer was a Brit. "I think people want to talk to me because of my accent," he'd say in his oh-so-charming way.

  6. CO: Happy to have your seal of approval! S:
    SOOOO predictable! I tend to have a love/hate relationship with my husband because of this...