Wednesday, November 4, 2009


There are two kinds of recipes that I prefer: complicated and delicious or simple and delicious. From Diana Kennedy, this is one of the latter.

You will need:
2 pounds of cubed pork shoulder or butt. Place it in a heavy saucepan, add a teaspoon of salt, barely cover with water. Heat on high until boiling, then reduce heat to a simmer. As the water cooks away the pork becomes tender, (add more water, if still tough) then cooks in its own rendered fat, giving it a partially crisp exterior. Stir a little at the end to brown evenly. Total cooking time: 45 minutes to an hour.

Use for soft corn tortilla tacos. Garnish with guacamole or pico de gallo. (Yeah, yeah, my kids will hate me, but) rice and beans, too.


  1. Are they your children if they don't like what you eat??
    Sounds tasty. I'll eat it!

  2. Oh, so that's how they get that wonderful crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside consistency.

  3. I had a housekeeper who cooked this for me once, it was so good!

    Hey, I'm cooking dinner for four adults (us and another couple) this weekend. The guests are pretty picky, pretty conservative (they don't drink, eat fish or like anything too "out there").

    I'm usually good with menus, but I have no idea what to make this time. Do you have any suggestions, menu gurus?

  4. What about your famous lasagna?

  5. CO: Clearly they are NOT my children!
    S: Lasagna was my first thought, too!
    K: OOh, I like being asked for advice.
    But first a question: WHY are you having them for dinner?!?
    Never mind, none of my business.
    1. Go with steak and baked potatoes. You can sneak into the closet for a tipple of red wine.
    2. Fried chicken, mashed potatotes or macaroni and cheese. Have your guests bring the RC cola and moon pies.
    3. If those sound boring to you, buy some delicious Italian cold cuts, (don't call it antipasto, it might sound foreign) and bake some assemble it yourself pizzas to follow. Somewhere in the archives I have a crazy simple pizza dough.
    Slip into the bathroom for the beer.

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  7. I loved your advice to K. Who needs Gourmet when we have you?

  8. Thanks, AH, apparently the kabal from kerala agrees with you--

  9. I didn't realize the name Desiree, like Leslie and Robin, could swing both ways.

  10. Thanks! Steve suggested lasagna, which is a lot of work, but then again I could make a couple batches simultaneously and keep one for the holidays (it freezes great), when it's always nice to have a lasagna around.

    I hate to make steak for these people (30-year friends) because they insist on eating it at the consistency of shoe leather (well-well-done). Eeesh.

    Fried chicken with mac-and-cheese and maybe some greens would be fun. I have a great mac recipe that I haven't hauled out in forever. Thanks again!

    The kabala from kerala - I love it! :-)

  11. AH:ok, goofy French rule: females have TWO "e"s
    at the end, males just one. So, close, but no bottle of Acquavit for you today!

  12. Delicious Desiree. Simple, and very fast :)