Friday, July 10, 2009

My friend, Al Fresco

We've had such marvelous, temperate weather. Any excuse at all to sit outside will do. So, off to Magnolia Lounge or Lucky Baldwin's. So many, many places where we can watch a movie, listen to music, enjoy the perfect evening. Right down our street there will be a Neil Diamond tribute this summer. Can't wait.

But of course, all ruminations here lead to food. Pack a picnic: up market or down?

Memories of picnics past: Fried chicken, pasta salad, the perfect pecan pie, all this for a sunset at the beach. Roasted cornish hens, pates, broccoli salad, this for "The King and I" at the Hollywood Bowl. After a few of these elaborate concoctions it occurred to me that the prep took longer than the event, not counting the drive there and back. With that in mind, one particularly flush summer we shared a box at the Bowl, as well as meals packed by Bristol Farms, and heard B B King. Dirty secret: the meal wasn't as good as home made. Just convenient, if that was what you were willing to pay for.

There's Brazilian music tonight. But instead of going crazy constructing the perfect menu with synchronous side dishes, I'm going to take it easy and figure out something with whatever I've got hiding in the fridge and pantry. And pack the surprise cupcakes a friend brought over.
See you under the stars.


  1. I can't wait to hear what you put together. Have fun.

  2. Neil Diamond Tribute? How dare you make me so hungry then spike it with that little tidbit. OH!

  3. With an Elvis, I mean Neil Diamond lookalike?

    Bring back a wordy & visual report from Pav Levitt.

  4. You will have a good time no matter what, because you have chosen a worthy dinner companion.

  5. M-hot dogs and rose.
    MHTP-Does this mean you like or dislike the guy? (I often miss nuance)
    CP-I wanted to leave when I realized it was danncing and drums. But we stayed and had a great time--the crowd and the event grows on you.