Sunday, September 7, 2014

Restless Nest Syndrome

The day after we shipped my son off to parts known to him but not me, Chris Erskine published a mournful piece in the LA Times about his empty nest syndrome.

The night my son left I:
Read in a bar full of fans and strangers
Drank in the giddy energy of Union Station
Ate out, with my husband at a delicious spot in Chinatown.

Color me a bad mom.
What my husband and I will certainly miss is our son's ability to translate his mother for his dad's benefit, and his dad for his mother's enlightenment.

But both of us are giddy and full of joy for his upcoming adventures.


  1. He plays the piano! girls are going to love him (especially if he joins a band and gets an art degree).

    1. Ha! Thanks, Liz--we think so too--he just hasn't filled us in on the details ;)