Saturday, February 15, 2014

Barbarism and Barbecue

According to this post in Salon, barbecue traces its roots back to cannibalism. According to this post, (in my honor, may I add), by goddess Margaret, all that should be right up my alley.

How appropriate, then, that I should have recently developed a savage addiction to Ken Bruen's work. London Boulevard (a play on "Sunset Boulevard," get it? I was halfway through the book before I could figure it out) is dripping with violence, blood, noir and hard boiled allusions; I was going to return it to the library, but then changed my mind. Working through its references should fill my summer reading list.

Although Bruen's Irish, his writing style is strictly US of A. And what embodies that legend most? Bar B Q.

I will not post the recipe, I will merely give you the link for the most amazing Carolina pulled pork sandwiches. Last night we used the smoker, and let me tell you, dinner was smokin' hot.

Sounds like a 4th of July recipe, to me. That was a revolution, right? We are a violent bunch of people.


  1. Well, I guess this makes you an "imperialist pig eater." My you are channeling a dark and dangerous goddess.

  2. Oddly enough there aren't any roads in London named "boulevard". Probably too French or something.

  3. More pig & pork & bacon, I see.
    This dog is surrounded by a brunch of pigs around here.

    PS: That looks like a very healthy tofu pork sandwich pic.

  4. CO: Are you a tofutti kinda canine? Send me a link and I'll check it out. I'm an EOE--
    V: Literal, aren't we?
    M: dark and dangerous, guilty as charged!

  5. This only works when you make it right. Hypothetically, if you were to overcook the meat, and then cut it into tiny pieces rather than pull the meat apart, It would make your children cry.

  6. A. Nonymous--
    Baked IN the oven it comes out perfectly tender--but to use the smoker it comes out not so tender. At least for me it's a swap--I'll have to play with it more to figure out how to smoke it and get it tender. But, dang, that cider vinegar gives it a tang!

  7. Am I missing something in that Salon article? I mean, didn't the cave people barbecue their meat? Not that I was there, but how else were they gonna cook it?

  8. I dunno. I think someones pulling our pork

  9. Oh dear, this post got pulled due to copyright issues, and when I reposted it, I didn't realize it would show up as a recent post. Apologies!!!