Monday, December 2, 2013


Holy smokes, it's that time of year again--the end of the year.  Perhaps I think not blogging will slow things down, but it hasn't worked, not yet.

I hope your Thanksgiving festivities were tastefully rollicking, and that the following days were filled with pie and more pie for breakfast. It was a sad morning for me when I realized I had already eaten the last of the pie.


In between cooking and eating and cleaning up there are thoughts of Christmas and Hannukah gifts.  I think I have found one that really out does itself in a stunning lack of self-awareness.  More in a moment.
Cut to--The Hunger Games, which, however way you slice your turkey IS all about class warfare--no more glaring than the contrast between Katniss's home town of District 12--and the gleeful gaudy carnival atmosphere of the capitol. Each and every resident a preening Louis XVI or a gloating Marie Antoinette. 

The gift I was talking about?
You can find it right here.  What is it?
The New Hunger Games Capitol Truffle Collection.
A mere $225.


  1. We ended up turkey-less in Ranch Cucamongna. Had Vic pose in front of what I can only assume was a nouveau harem McManse on the edge of a river bed.

    Is Hunger Games the one with Jennifer Lawerence? Gads that girl was good in Winter Bones.

  2. Isn't it ironic? Including the fact that whoever now owns the Hunger Games trademark obviously leased out the name.

  3. Indeed! Have these merchandisers even read the books? And what reader would dare buys such these when they are such an affront to the characters and narrative. I, for one, am astounded.

  4. Kids, I was completely affronted. PA--Yes, that's the girl. She is stunning. I look forward to your hareem tale.

  5. We had a nice Thanksgiving at the neighbors' potluck, thank you very much. A day of grace and friends and very little talk of the extremes of futuristic society.

    I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I love the fact that she's funny and frank. If she thinks it, she says it.