Monday, September 30, 2013

Goddess Marcella Hazan 

I met Marcella Hazan through a book club, remember those? Four books for a $1? Then more formally at an estate sale.   Apparently the recently deceased had never opened the pages of Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.  I paid a quarter, and went off, pleased with myself.

Gentle reader, her recipes are timeless, explicit, and surprising.  Last night in her honor I made her mixed salad.

To start, I sliced half a red onion, and let it soak in cold water.  She does require lettuce that I don't know where to buy: lamb's ears, chicory or escarole.  I settled for what was on hand: arugula and romaine.  Per her directions, I diced half a red pepper, substituted a diced celery rib for celery heart, grated a hearty peeled carrot, and diced a tomato.  She also asks for half a fennel bulb and an artichoke heart, but I wasn't up to a shopping trip.  I made do. I added half an avocado that was wandering about. I drained the red onion.

In a salad bowl I mixed it all the vegetables together, then salted them well.  I shook some red wine vinegar over it, then added a glug or so of olive oil. I mixed again.

So fresh, so delightful, or, as she says: "There is just enough, so that what is missing from one mouthful of salad is suddenly and delightfully present in the next."


  1. I didn't know I was in the mood for salad today, but now I am. Lovely to hear you have avocados "wandering about."

  2. I read about her death on FB from a friend who was her "FB friend" (as is Jonathan Gold) who took the crazy blog girl of days past 'suggestion' to dine at a little hole in the wall next to a Laundromat and ended up putting his career as well as La Seranat's on the map.

    True story

    1. Your true stories are always the most fascinating. Have you visited Donut Friend yet?

  3. I'm glad you skipped the fennel. i really dislike it.