Monday, April 29, 2013

Taco Bell's Demographic

At college I was lost in New Mexican food for two years, so I comforted myself with Taco Bell.  The beans were soul-satisfying. Later at a park with my kids and fast food one young mother years back commented "How do you get them to eat that kind of food?"  I replied, if my kids didn't eat rice and beans they'd starve.  I still occasionally swing by Taco Bell for a burrito supreme.  Sour cream and ground beef, yeah!

Last night mindlessly watching a terrible action movie (you may have heard of it, Iron Man II)--so mindlessly I was actually tracking the commercials--- this little gem pops up. Probably one of the most diverse commercials I've seen on mainstream tv.  A delight.

Guess which demographic is missing?

I suppose we're still relegated to the servant entrance of  the Spanish language channels.

On another note, one of my students was annoyed that now that the GOP has discovered the need for the  Latino demographic  those Republicans were going to start pandering.

Pander away, baby, but I'm not waiting for us to be in the national spotlight.  I'm waiting for us to simply be visible.


  1. Well I don't see what your getting all whiney about. They did put a mas at the end (with that dohicky in the right place)


  2. Guess Taco Bell isn't big in Norway, either.

  3. Thank you two, for crashing my pity party.
    You're right, AH, those blondies looked definitely Teutonic--;)

  4. Taco Bell isn't known for its authenticity, is it?

  5. Remind me to tell you what my ancestry DNA test revealed sometime.