Monday, February 25, 2013

Game of Downton Thrones

Spoiler Alert

Season Recap:
Eddard Stark lost his neck to Lord Grantham; Tyrion dreamed of burying his face between Lady Sybil's teats.  Bran fell from the top of Downton Abbey, while Arya threatened to slice Thomas from soup to nuts. Tom Branson and Theon pledged fealty to Robb Stark, Her Grace Cersei sent Matthew to Harrenhall, while promising Mary a more appropriate match, to her son Joffrey.

Carsten and the maesters became unwilling servants of the Night Watch---
Edith is wed to Tyrion, and is plagued by dreams of dragons.  Lady Grantham plots revenge.


  1. Oh, that's blackmail. Now we must watch Game of Thrones just to get all the jokes. (Hands off "Call the Midwife," it's my current addiction.

  2. It's funny to me--;)I look forward to Call the Midwife--

  3. Yes yes yes!!!! I've seen "Call the Midwife" But when is it on? It's really good. But I seem to only catch it by chance. Guess I should dial Uncle google.

  4. mom you have to go outside or something

  5. Simone made me laugh. I'm totally confused.