Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Current Addictions

inspite of myself. Gogol Bordello.  Give it a try.  Deeper than you might think.

I watched a movie, "Wrist Cutters" dark, and offensive, particularly since the topic was suicide and there had been a horrible suicide at a local high school.  Despite myself I was drawn in, and part of it was Tom Waits and the soundtrack.  It's all fine being retro, rediscovering Billie Holliday and Django Reinhardt. But what if you were their contemporary? 

"Between the borders, the real countries hide.. the strategy of being is one of  in your face disguise."


  1. This tune is going to haunt me for days, I can tell already.

  2. For some reason I couldn't do the link. I think I'm having bandwidth issues. I saw The Help. I liked it more than I thought I would.

  3. M: thanks for trying!
    AH: thanks for listening!--I don't know why I felt so compelled to share, but there you are.

  4. I was introduced to Django Reinhardt when I was introduced to a Gypsy while traveling through the Black Forrest. My first introduction to Gypsy culture.

    Depression and suicide seem to be occasional visitors in my world. Wrist Cutters (offensive?) dark, yes. My favorite theme

  5. You are too cool for words--which explains why you're an artist!

    1. Gypsys in that part of the world go by two different sur-names; Reinhardt being one of them. My friends father owned a small factory that did restoration work (abalone inlay etc) for the many quirky cathedrals and chapels in the area. The gypsy fellow I met was an older man whom the family dealt with in trade. Gypsys played a hand in the resistance during WW2. When a gypsy child is born, the parents would get the child baptized multiple times (different churches) because they'd be given a coin each time. Since churches were in charge of birth records, this door to door business created multiple records that led to multiple ration cards that led to excess good being filtered through to the resistance. Yes, off topic

  6. Lately I've been working on a project for a client. I have to find "clean" pop music from past years. No hard rock. Not easy, most of it is about sex. But after all that commercial candy, coming across Nirvana's video of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was refreshing.

  7. Perhaps your client would enjoy Weird Al's version---

  8. Speaking of slightly off beat, do you like Paolo Conte? He's a favorite of mine.

    One of these days I'll have a post that he suits.