Monday, January 24, 2011

Tinga Poblana

Tinga is the style, Poblana means from Puebla.

First, roast your pork in the usual way.  (Braise then simmer, for hours, covered, on the stove top, adding water as necessary.  Use pork butt, or pork shoulder, 3-4 lbs).  Cool until easy to handle.  Remove bones, gristle, you know, the connective tissues that force us to consider vegetarianism.  Shred.  Return meat to its juices. Char a pound of tomatoes in a skillet, evenly, then drop into a blender.  Char a couple of garlic cloves as well.  Add 2-4 canned chipotles (depending on your heat tolerance) and the juice from half an orange, or a quarter cup of orange juice.  Blend. Add to shredded meat, let simmer on low for 15 minutes.

Garnish with:
chorizo which has been cooked down
avocado slices
red onion slivers marinated in lime juice.

Ladle over rice, or place into just heated corn tortillas.  Let me know how it turns out.


  1. But tomatoes care so mealy this time of year. Will they still be ok? Or should I wait until they are more in season. Really, I know nothing.

  2. Looks like there may have been a problem with your Tinga Poblama showing up here, RC.

  3. You're right, CP, the problem is Petrea's got me way too intimidated to post a photo.
    M: use canned tomatoes and forget the broiling.
    Remember, these are mere guidelines--

  4. Oh, poblama (sink me, I thought it was polana) soup. Do you have a recipe? It's my favorite.

  5. This sounds delicious. I'm new to your blog and have just spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I really love the food and recipes you feature here. I'll definitely be back. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Stop. I take the worst food pictures. Do you ever see food pics on my blog?

    I heard there's a tomato blight in California, which explains why I haven't found them at the Farmers' Market. A friend told me they have good ones at it King Ranch market on Lincoln Ave. north of Woodbury?

    Hi Mary, you've found a good one.

  7. AH--Moment of confession: I don't know that soup! Welcome, Mary. P:Super King!

  8. This looks awesome. What if I started with shredded beef instead of pork (husband doesn't like pork except for bacon . . . )?

  9. Yes, beef is great--not to worry!