Monday, May 10, 2010

The Pause that Refreshes

Sporadic postings have prompted me to re-evaluate.
Could this be true? What are your thoughts--I'd love to know.
In the mean time, I think I want to read a few books.  Back in a bit,
please don't forget me!


  1. I don't know. I think I was just as distracted before the internet. Car alarms used to keep me from grading papers, now it's email. I don't see much difference.

  2. There is always a struggle when something new moves into our life.

    Some embrace the progressive changes, others are in the middle - back & forth on the new ideas, then there are the conservatives who want to hold on to the good old days.

    Don't lose your way back, Restless Dez!

  3. I think you better give these two a pop quiz -- I have my doubts whether they actually read the whole article.

    Like Margaret, I've always been easily distracted. But never was distraction made so seductive and constant. Not that I haven't gained more than I've lost, but I wonder at that tipping point.

  4. We read it all (yes, ads also) KB. So, my only explanation then is it could be true: yes!, the internet is rotting our brains!

    That, along with the cellphones!

  5. I had a hard time getting through that article. There were a lot of ads on the right side of the screen, including one with a woman whose mouth kept moving (I had the sound off) and a pop-up that came up while I was reading. I didn't retain much.


    Des, we'll talk Friday. A break is a good thing. You're not the only one thinking about it.

  6. Very funny, Petrea! Either that, or it's time to invest in adware!

  7. I think that's quite enough refreshment.

  8. Dear, dear AH--izzat right?